Long gone are the days of setting vague resolutions that don’t stick and swimming in a sea of meaningless tasks without seeing any major progress in your life.

The Conscious Planner is the key to unlocking your true potential so you can start living a life of your own design. It breaks down the three essential ingredients for consciously creating a life you don’t need a vacation from: a clear *vision* for the future, a *strategy* for achieving your goals, and *consistent habits* that allow you to be productive, purpose-driven, and profitable every single day.

Are you ready to wake up every day to a life you love?

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The Conscious Planner combines powerful manifestation techniques like scripting, daily affirmations and visualization exercises with research-backed productivity tools like SMART Goals, habit tracking, and habit stacking to work both sides of your brain. It’s a life coach, time management system, and manifestation journal all in one. You will have space to script your vision, outline your plan, define your goals, identify your habits, track your progress and chart a path through life. The Conscious Planner will help you be your best self physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You need a planner that can help turn your goals into reality, (not just track your meetings and birthdays). This simple, beautiful, and functional planner has 500+ pages of exercises to help you design your dream life as well as undated monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages to keep you on track. There is also a section to include your personal and business goals if you're an entrepreneur. 

The daily planner helps you track your mood, water intake, exercise, meals, affirmations, SMART Goals, to do list, habits, routines, appointments, and more. There is also space for your daily gratitude and reflection journal including your learnings and big wins. Create your ideal daily schedule by discovering your unique chronotype and find your weekly flow by stacking your habits on "planetary days".  

If you’re ready to design your destiny and turn your dreams into an actionable plan this is the perfect solution for you. If you prefer a digital planner or are more of a pen to paper type of person I've got you covered. Check out each option below and choose the one that works best for you.


If you prefer digital over paper this version packs all the punches of the paperback version but in a way that's a bit kinder to the environment. You will need a platform or tool to edit your planner (sent as a pdf). I love GoodNotes! And bonus points if you have an ipad and apple pencil to give you the full productive "that girl" aesthetic.

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The Digital Planner


If you love the comforting nostalgic feeling of writing in an old-school composition book then the paperback version was designed with you in mind. It's 500+ pages of pure value and no fluff. Undated Monthly, Weekly and Daily planners are grouped in sections so you don't have to waste paper if you miss a day. There is something so *magical*  about physically writing down your dreams, goals, and desires. Not only that, it will also look great on your desk or nightstand.

The Paperback Planner

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