April 1, 2022

What is the role of a content manager?

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If you talk to any entrepreneur almost every single one of them will agree with this statement:

“I’m wearing too many hats.”

Inbound marketing and content creation isn’t something that can be tossed on the very full plate of someone at who already has 45+ hours of work to do each week.

And yet, one of the most common mistakes companies make when they’re first starting out with inbound marketing is to delegate it to someone who already has a full workload.

Your content marketing team is not only responsible for creating all of your marketing content — such as blog articles, videos, and email campaigns — but they need to do it in a way that represents your brand’s expertise, core values, and voice.

Your content marketing team is also charged with planning your content marketing strategy and tracking how well it’s doing, so they can improve the content if needed.

The goal is to create content that:

  • Reaches more potential clients or customers.
  • Converts better-fit leads.
  • Helps grow revenue for your business.

This means your content marketing team is not only strategizing ways to create better content for finding right-fit leads, but they’re also obsessed with figuring out what’s working and what isn’t so they can constantly make the content and process better and more effective.

There is no better way to set up your business for success with content marketing than by hiring a content manager.

What is a Content Manager?

The content manager plays a crucial role on the content marketing team. It’s the one position that is 100% necessary to have if you want to succeed at content marketing.

Some businesses try to put this role on someone who is already wearing too many hats. What happens is that other priorities always surface, and the process is too slow, which stalls progress and makes it difficult for the team to put forth the effort needed to make your content strategy work.

By hiring a dedicated content manager, you will have someone who creates your business’s content calendar and then ensures that new assets are published regularly without fail.

They will also:

  • Obsess over creating high-quality content that accurately reflects the true tone and spirit of your brand message.
  • Interview your organization’s experts and capture their insightsto integrate it into your content.
  • Work directly with the your team to help them integrate content into each phase of the customer/client journey.
  • Update existing content to ensure it remains relevant and effective to your target audience.
  • Oversee the other areas of your sales and marketing initiatives where content is critical (including your website, email, and social media).

The ideal person for this role: 

  • Loves to write.
  • Is easy to get along with, which will allow them to build relationships with your subject-matter experts.
  • Is a talented editor who can shape whatever content comes their way into something that converts.
  • Doesn’t mind digging into data, which will prove useful since they will need to analyze how well your content is performing and adjust accordingly.
  • Has experience creating and maintaining an editorial calendar.

If you’d like to chat about my creative services (including content management) to see if I might be a good fit for your brand, let’s schedule a call.


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